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The Challenge of BPD

"Borderlines Must Search For and Reclaim The Lost Authentic Self And Then Re-parent It" - A.J. Mahari

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A.J. on The Sacred Pain of BPD

When I refer to illusions creating a story in this video I in no way mean a story that isn't true. The story of one's past is true. The story of my past is true. What isn't so true about the stories people with BPD tell themselves is that what they feel and resultingly experience isn't really unfolding in the here and now. Rather, it is being re-experienced in the here and now in triggered dissociative ways that are the unfolding of repetition compulsions. Borderline re-living of the past obliterates the here and now and keeps the story alive in ways that keep the pain of BPD alive as well.

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Audio Program - From False Self To Authentic Self in BPD - Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child

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