Borderline Personality Disorder From The Inside Out

The Other Side of BPD

"On the other side of BPD are non borderlines so named to denote the fact that they have a person or persons in their lives who have Borderline Personality Disorder." - A.J. Mahari

BPD Loved Ones - Support vs Rescue



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For Non Borderlines

In her videos A.J. Mahari talks about Borderline Personality Disorder for those who are family members, loved ones, ex or relationship partners of someone with BPD in their lives - non borderlines. Mahari, in her videos talks about many of the issues and concerns that those on the other side of BPD face and have with the hope of providing greater understanding for non borderlines. An understanding she delves even deeper into providing in her Ebooks and her Audio Programs along with the services she offers as a Life coach and Strategist

BPD Inside Out Audio Podcast

A.J. Mahari on BPD For Loved Ones

A.J. Mahari on Emotional Mastery and her Emotional Mastery Coaching

Touchstone Life Coaching

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You can watch videos that also talk to those with BPD about BPD in efforts A.J. makes to try to help those with Borderline Personality Disorder understand more fully the issues, and challenges of BPD and what is required to engage the process of recovery at A.J. on BPD for those with BPD

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