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"The puzzle at the heart of BPD is one that you can solve." A.J. Mahari

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Suicide is Not The Answer To The Pain
in and of Borderline Personality Disorder

Suicide is really not the answer to the pain of Borderline Personality Disorder. You may have once believed that or it may feel like it is the only answer when you are entrenched in black and white all or nothing thinking. You need to know that you really can find your way to Finding Hope From The Polarized Negativity of BPD and that was is crucial in order for you to be able to find that hope and to travel the journey From False Self To Authentic Self in BPD is for you to make a choice, one moment at a time to ride out the waves of intensely Dysregulated Emotions knowing that they will shift and you will once again find your way to feeling as if you can at least breathe again, feel safe again, for a little while. In order to find your way to the road to recovery and then along that road you need to be here.

Suicide Not An Answer Podcast

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If you have Borderline Personality Disorder and you struggle with suicidality you need to learn how to break down the moments and find an ever-increasing mindfulness, radical acceptance, and presence to the more difficult and troubled emotionally dysregulated moments in your life. Realize that these intense and distressing feelings - feelings that leave you feeling like you want to die or need to die to end your pain, come to pass. They aren't always and they aren't going to last forever.

Many with Borderline Personality Disorder struggle with suicidality. Reasons for this include the all-bad half of the splitting that occurs in the skewed and polarized ways that those with BPD often think. This along with the experience of magical thinking - believing that what one feels is real and having little or no sense of ever feeling differently than how one feels right now - or when suicidal heightens the instensity of the experience of negative and painful feelings and also increases the emotional stress that borderlines feel. When a borderline feels increased stress around feelings they do not know how to cope with, again that feel as if they are going to last forever, tragically sometimes they seek a permanent solution to what is a temporary emotional dysregulation, discomfort, painful and anxiety-ridden (often) experience. The reality that most with BPD (in the active throes) are highly impulsive often increases the chances of not only feeling suicidal but acting on it when triggered into dysregulated emotion.

"Unfortunately, suicidal behaviors and completed suicides are very common in individuals with BPD. Research has shown that around 70 percent of people with BPD will have at least one suicide attempt in their lifetime, and many will make multiple suicide attempts. People with BPD are more likely to complete suicide than individuals with any other psychiatric disorder. Between 8 and 10 percent of people with BPD will complete suicide; this rate is more than 50 times the rate of suicide in the general population." (Source of above quote - Suicidality in Borderline Personality Disorder - Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault, PhD)

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